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XRAY 380600
M18MT Micro Electric Monster Truck Kit

Manufacturer: XRAY (Website)
Part Number: 380600
Found In:  Micro and Mini Kits
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» What They Say
The new <span style="font-weight: bold;">XRAY M18MT</span> is a lightweight high performance 4x4 micro monster truck capable of handling all that you can find for it. ...Race it. Jump it. Climb it. Crush it. With the one and only M18MT. From XRAY... Of course.<br /> <br /> The new M18MT is a unique 1/18 scale micro sized monster truck that was designed by the world famous XRAY design team for all out fun and enjoyment. Whether you race it or bash it you are going to love the four wheel independent suspension oil filled shocks, high performance 4WD balanced chassis layout that features 22 high performance ball bearings.<br /> <br /> The expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that made the other XRAY micro cars so popular is carried over and is clearly evident everywhere on the M18T. The superb race proven driveline is capable of handling high loads and super fast motors.<br /> <br /> The unique well thought out design uses 8 oil filled shocks for increased control. 30% larger tires than standard truck tires with a traditional monster tread pattern that helps you crush and climb all that dares to challenge the M18MT.<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Main features:</span><br /> <br /> &bull; 1/18 professional 4WD high load shaft driven micro monster truck<br /> &bull; Maximum efficiency drive train includes 22 high-speed ball bearings<br /> &bull; Fully independent front and rear suspension<br /> &bull; Maximum suspension up travel<br /> &bull; 8x oil-filled coil-over shocks<br /> &bull; Servo saver included<br /> &bull; Adjustable turnbuckles<br /> &bull; Front and rear adjustable ball differentials<br /> &bull; Adjustable shock position for damping adjustment<br /> &bull; Easily adjustable motor mount<br /> &bull; Chassis accommodates 5 or 6 cell battery packs<br /> &bull; Extensive line of micro electronics and optional parts from XRAY<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">M18MT includes:</span> <br /> <br /> &bull; Set of Chevron pattern monster truck tires + wheels<br /> &bull; 1/18 micro truck body<br /> &bull; Complete pinion set<br /> &bull; HUDY phillips screwdriver for comfortable assembly<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Not included:</span><br /> <br /> &bull; Radio system (transmitter and receiver)<br /> &bull; Micro speed controller<br /> &bull; Micro motor<br /> &bull; Micro battery pack<br /> &bull; Micro servo<br /> &bull; Lexan paint<br /> &bull; CA glue<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Technical specifications:</span> <br /> <br /> &bull; Length (without body): 222 mm<br /> &bull; Wheelbase: 150mm<br /> &bull; Front width (outside rims): 195mm<br /> &bull; Rear width (outside rims): 195mm<br /> &bull; Weight: 395g<br /> &bull; Internal gear ratio: 2.5<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Misc</span><br /> <br /> The M18MT features a high-performance drive train, including the shaft-drive 4WD drive train featured on the on-road M18.<br /> <br /> Both front and rear gearboxes feature adjustable ball differentials for maximum efficiency. Each ball differential includes two supporting ball-bearings for ultra smooth operation.<br /> <br /> The entire drive train is ultra efficient thanks to 22 high-speed ball- bearings which are very lightly oiled for maximum efficiency straight out of the box.<br /> <br /> Both front and rear suspensions are fully independent with maximum travel. The oil-filled coil-over shocks guarantee maximum performance in any racing condition. The shocks can be mounted at multiple positions on the arms and shock towers to easily adjust damping.<br /> <br /> The oil-filled coil-over shocks are not same - in front are short and rear are long.<br /> <br /> Rear shock tower with multiple shock mounting positions.<br /> <br /> The steering turnbuckles are fully adjustable and are manufactured from the premium world-renowned Hudy Spring Steel&trade; to guarantee longest life and best quality.<br /> <br /> For precise steering, the center-positioned steering system runs on two ball-bearings.<br /> <br /> Front suspension with steering block.<br /> <br /> The kit includes a micro servo saver to protect the servo.<br /> <br /> The chassis accommodates 5 or 6 cell battery packs. A battery strap is included.<br /> <br /> Molded drive shafts with universal joints.<br /> <br /> Front steering block and wheel mounting detail.<br /> <br /> The adjustable motor holder holds the XRAY 300 Super Size motor.<br /> <br /> A set of pinions is included.<br /> <br /> Micro monster truck tires with Chevron block pattern are included.<br /> <br /> White molded starburst wheels accommodate any standard micro monster truck tires.<br /> <br /> XRAY 1/18 micro racing truck body included. The body is clear lexan body which requires painting.<br /> <br /> FREE Bonus! HUDY Philips screwdriver for comfortable assembly.
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