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XRAY 380040
M18 Ready-to-Run (RTR) Micro Electric Touring Car Kit

Manufacturer: XRAY (Website)
Part Number: 380040
Found In:  Micro and Mini Kits
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» What They Say
<span style="font-weight: bold;">XRAY M18 Professional 1/18 4WD shaft-drive micro car</span><br /> <br /> XRAY quality ready to run... for you<br /> <br /> Introducing XRAY's first RTR kit.... XRAY quality, now comes built in the box!<br /> <br /> Combining the worlds most successful micro car, the XRAY M18 with the all new XRAY premium radio system and power pack truly create a world class RTR. Assembled in the european XRAY factory, its just like you built it yourself...... or better.<br /> <br /> The RTR package includes everything you need to get your M18 on track in a matter or minutes. The fully assembled and electronics equipped car comes with hand-painted, trimmed and decaled body. Body available in red or yellow color. Radio system is available on world friendly frequencies.<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Features:</span><br /> <br /> &bull; 1/18 professional 4WD high competition shaft-drive micro car<br /> &bull; easily adjustable front/rear width, body posts, downstops, motor mount, toe-in<br /> &bull; drivetrain includes 16 high-speed ball bearings for maximum efficiency and speed<br /> &bull; ultra low center of gravity<br /> &bull; maximum drive train efficiency<br /> &bull; fully independent front and rear suspension<br /> &bull; front and rear gear differentials<br /> &bull; adjustable shock position for damping adjustment<br /> &bull; coil-over shocks for precise chassis handling<br /> &bull; pre-glued rubber tires<br /> &bull; trimmed, hand-painted, fully decaled body with clear windows<br /> &bull; front foam bumper<br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">XRAY Electronics installed in the car:</span><br /> <br /> &bull; 5-cell high capacity NiMh battery pack<br /> &bull; stock motor with installed capacitor board<br /> &bull; XMC180 speed controller with reverse<br /> &bull; XMS01 servo with installed servo saver<br /> &bull; XT1 AM high quality radio system<br /> <br /> Kit include charging cable that fit most of the standard and widely availabley chargers. Charger not included in the box.
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