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Tamiya 53827
Stabilizer Rod Stopper

Manufacturer: Tamiya (Website)
Part Number: 53827
Found In:  Tamiya TA05, Tamiya Evolution V, Tamiya 415MSX, Tamiya 415MSXX, Tamiya 416, Tamiya 416WE, Tamiya 416X, Tamiya 417, Tamiya 418, Tamiya TA06-R, Tamiya 419
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When using sway bars in a touring car sedan it is critical to fix the sway bar onto the chassis as secure as possible without binding the bar. These stoppers are used to prevent the sway bar from moving left to right under load. A sway bar should move freely up and down, but should not move from side to side. These stoppers prevent that from happening and allow the bars to perform their function correctly.
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