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Magic: The Gathering at Ampdraw
In early 2016 we moved to a new location with dedicated gaming tables, and will continue to grow our gaming presence as time goes on. With plenty of nearby food and beverage options as well as snacks and cold drinks on hand, and a generally casual-yet-competitive atmosphere, we hope you'll enjoy gaming with us at Ampdraw!
Weekly Magic Gaming Schedule
Tuesday 5 PM - 10 PM League
Friday 5 PM - Midnight FNM rotating Draft, Standard, and Modern
Saturday 2 PM Standard Showdown and Commander League
Saturday 10 AM - 7 PM Casual Play
Sunday 10 AM - 7 PM Casual Play
Aether Revolt Pre-Releases are Saturday and Sunday, January 14-15!
Saturday Limited
$25 entry includes pre-release pack
2 PM start
3 rounds of swiss
1 Aether Revolt pack per round won (while supplies last)

Sunday 2-Headed Giant
$25 entry includes pre-release pack
2 PM start
3 rounds of swiss
2 Aether Revolt packs per team per round won (while supplies last)
Holiday Magic League
Itching to open some packs and make a deck? Want to win a sweet trophy for your bookcase? Or just need to kill three and a half hours on a Tuesday night? Check out our sealed deck Magic league, beginning on November 29—this time including a special Conspiracy: Take the Crown draft night, as well as an amazingly cheap Eternal Masters night! Click the flyer below for the details.
2016 League Champions
Harvest League: Ryan R.
Fall League: Corey J.
End-of-Summer League: Shane A.
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