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About Ampdraw
Ampdraw Hobbies
Welcome to Ampdraw Hobbies! Founded in 2004, Ampdraw was created with the goal of combining a solid, secure online shopping experience with a focused "pro shop" retail store environment. Owned and operated by RC industry veterans, Ampdraw will work to redefine the online shopping experience for the RC industry.
Our traditional retail store is located in the Encinitas Village Square II shopping plaza in Encinitas, California. We stock everything that you see on our online site in our retail store, and because we do not believe our retail customers should be treated any differently than our online customers, we maintain the same price levels both on- and off-line.
In September 2005, Ampdraw was honored to become the official on-site hobby shop of the International Indoor Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have been there for ten years, following the race through the Stardust, South Point, and Riviera hotels, and look forward to its return in 2016 at a new venue, where we will again provide a high-caliber on-site pro shop to the more than 200 racers in attendance.
Ampdraw Hobbies
Our website may look and feel a little different from other RC sites you have shopped on, and there's a good reason—this site is unique! When we set out to build the best storefront we could, we knew that we'd have to start from scratch, so we did. Ampdraw's site was designed from scratch using Adobe Photoshop, Textpad, and the vi editor.
If you're local to the San Diego area or are in town and would like to visit our retail store, you can get directions here. We look forward to seeing you!
Thanks again for visiting and for shopping with us. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.
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